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Our story behind
Puzzle pizza

Puzzle Pizza concept was developed with the aim of offering a unique and variation of a pizza menu that will satisfy the different tastes and preferences of customers while maintaining value of money.

The idea of ​​Puzzle Pizza arose as a result of the desire to create a pizza that would be different from traditional concepts. The development team with Our Chef Roman Shishalovsky decided to take the game theme as a basis and create a "taste puzzle" - pizzas consisting of a variety of ingredients and combinations that can be an assemble to your liking, like a jigsaw puzzle all in one box.

This concept allows customers to be active participants in the process of creating their pizza, and each pizza becomes a unique creation, tailored to their individual tastes. Customers can also experiment with different combinations of ingredients and create their own unique pizzas. At the same time, Puzzle Pizza ensures the highest quality of ingredients and preparation. Recipes for doughs and sauces have been developed to ensure the perfect taste and texture, and careful work has been done to select high quality toppings.

The combination of an innovative concept, variety in choice and high quality of products has allowed Puzzle Pizza to create a unique offering in the pizza market that meets the different tastes of customers and also provides an affordable price for quality.

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The values that drive everything we do

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Love & Passion

We infuse every pizza we make with love and passion, ensuring that each bite is a celebration of flavors and a true culinary experience.

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We believe in creating pizzas that burst with flavor. From our rich sauces to our thoughtfully curated toppings, we strive to deliver an explosion of taste in every slice.

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Care & Craft

Taking great pride in crafting our pizzas, from selecting the freshest ingredients to hand-stretching the dough, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

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Prioritizing customer satisfaction, providing exceptional service, and creating an inviting and enjoyable dining experience for all guests.

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Building success through collaboration and support, working together to deliver the best possible pizzas and service to our valued customers.

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Never compromising on quality, sourcing the finest ingredients and employing techniques that ensure pizzas of the highest standard.